The mission of Ebony Concepts Solutions (ECS) is to develop confident, self-assured leaders who are versatile enough to function in any market.

The purpose of ECS is to provide leadership expertise that assists people with making choices which will not only SET THEM UP FOR SUCCESS, but also provide an environment where leadership challenges are minimized. Our personal and professional development tools and strategies (coaching, training, seminars, workshops, mastermind groups and keynote speaking) are proven through 25 years of hands on leadership experience that is enhanced by John C. Maxwell certification as a coach, speaker and teacher, providing study and practical application of John's proven Leadership methods and systems.

Why Choose Ebony Concepts Solutions?

ECS understand what it means to “add value” to others and we have witnessed and experienced the positive impact of having strong, effective leadership and the impact that results from poor leadership or an absence of leadership. We are passionate about leadership and helping others discover and maximize their leadership potential. We believe preparing leaders today means equipping them to be independent, well-balanced and successful. Whether your desire is to grow, develop or improve your individual, team or organizational leadership ability, we are committed to serving you and bring value and purpose to your drive for success.

What Others Are Saying About Ebony Concepts

  • I have known Debra since 2009. From day one, she has exhibited a great affinity towards leadership. As a strong proponent for leadership and mentoring programs, she has actively displayed her gleanings from personal experiences and professional affiliations. I view her as a strong advocate and leader who will inspire future leaders to arise.
    Allison McCaa
  • Debra is one of the most passionate people I have known. We have worked together for over 20 years and during those years she was always eager to help others be there best self. I have witnessed her giving others words of encouragement, advise, and teaching others. She is a great leader! She believes everyone has leadership potential, they just need help awaking the leader within. Thank you Debra for being such a Positive Force, Coach, Sister, Friend and Cheerleader.”
    Marguerite Walker